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Press Releases:

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WEBWIRE – March 2014 | Final Days Of Spring Sale:  Doctor Recommended Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics

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WEBWIRE – January 2014 | Final Days Of Massive Sale:  Premium Digestive Enzymes Help Achieve New Year Resolutions

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WEBWIRE – January 2014 |  Huge New Year Sale – Premium Digestive Enzymes To Help Keep Your Resolutions

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WEBWIRE – November 2013 |  Autism Alert:  Popular Digestive Enzyme Supplement Celebrating Amazon Success With Special Coupon Promotion

WEBWIRE – October 2013  |  New Doctor-Proven All-in-One Probiotic And Digestive Enzyme Supplement Now Available On Amazon

WEBWIRE – October 2013  | Autism News:  Parents and Pediatricians Are Thrilled About How Purely Scientific Digestive Enzyme Formula Improves Behavior

WEBWIRE – October 2013  |  Patients Celebrate How Purely Scientific Digestive Enzyme Formula Radically Helps Their Digestive Health

WEBWIRE – October 2013  | Clinical Studies Demonstrate Autism Improves With Patented Digestive Enzymes

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WEBWIRE – September 2013  | Attention Parents With Autistic Children: Scientific Studies Reveal An Exciting Digestive Enzyme Ingredient Clinically Proven To Help Your Children

WEBWIRE – August 2013 |  Autism Alert:  Purely Scientific Introduces A New Digestive Supplement Containing Ingredients Clinically Proven To Improve Behavioral Symptoms In Children With Autism

WEBWIRE – August 2013 |  Made in the U.S.A.: New Ultra-Premium Digestive Enzyme With Probiotics Supplement by Purely Scientific Offers Money Back Guarantee

WEBWIRE – August 2013 | Purely Scientific Removes Doctor Exclusivity And Announces Popular Digestive Formula Now Available On Amazon[

WEBWIRE – August 2013 |Purely Scientific Publicly Releases The Only MD-Approved Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics And Gluten/Lactose Aid All-In-One Solution