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1st of June

Digestive Enzymes To Help People With Ulcerative Colitis, Say Studies

Digestive enzymes, scientific studies conclude, are important for people who suffer from Ulcerative Colitis


Digestive Enzymes Can Help Ulcerative ColitisAccording to several studies, digestive enzymes found in some supplement products can be useful and helpful for people to support Ulcerative Colitis. “Those studies are intended for people with UC to understand the importance of our 3-in-1 Colon Formula that contains premium digestive enzymes and probiotics,” says spokesperson of Purely Scientific.

In the official website of Cure for Ulcerative Colitis, a scientific article states that, “The overall lack of enzymes causes the body to work harder, putting a strain on our internal organs and digestive system.”

The spokesperson continues to make a similar explanation, “Our body must produce the necessary enzymes for our gut health to be maintained and taken care of. However, there are factors that can cause enzyme deficiencies. It is in this aspect that people can benefit from consuming digestive enzymes as supplements.”

Another scientific article posted in Dr. Sircus official website has this explanation, “Regular supplementation with digestive enzymes takes stress off the pancreas (and the entire body) by providing the enzymes required for digestion.”

Why is stress mentioned? The spokesperson explains, “Stress is associated with several diseases. It is believed to contribute to causing cancer, asthma, cardiovascular disease and gastrointestinal diseases, like Ulcerative Colitis. Therefore, those enzymes contained in the dietary supplements are formulated in a way that stress can be addressed.”

Similarly, the avoidance of stress is one of the effective ways to regulate digestion and metabolism. Science has proven that, “the digestive system,” according to Dr. Sircus, “is most sensitive to emotions and disturbances in each person’s consciousness.” Thus, when someone is stressed out, he or she is prone to suffer from digestive issues, like Ulcerative Colitis.

The 3-in-1 Colon Formula of Purely Scientific, which contains premium-grade probiotics and digestive enzymes, is available on Amazon and has an affordable price for potential consumers.

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1st of December

Surveys Show Inflammatory Bowel Disease Normally Hits Young People

According to surveys, IBD normally hits young people. Purely Scientific then suggests its 3-in-1 Digestive Formula to help those affected by this health problem.


Crohn's Ulcerative ColitisThe demography of people who usually suffer from Inflammatory Bowel Disorder (IBD), according to surveys, is usually the young ones. This result should be carefully considered when seeking possible remedies.

IBD is typically a disease of young people. The peak age of diagnosis is 10–25 years, with a second peak at 50 years,” says an article recently posted at the official website of Pharmaceutical Journal.

This statistical data is quite beneficial, in that it may aid in the quest to find a cure. There is no certain treatment to IBD at present.  However, it is very feasible to address the symptoms and seek preventative efforts to minimize flare-ups.

“Knowing about this figurative analysis about IBD is quite important. Why? By understanding this, it would be easier to seek solutions for this health condition. We feel our ‘3-in-1 Digestive Formula’ that contains medical-grade digestive enzymes and probiotics could be beneficial to those who are affected, as many of our customers with IBD have shown us,” says Donald B. Opp, Spokesperson of Purely Scientific.

There are two types of IBD, according to Pharmaceutical Journal:  Crohn’s Disease (CD) and Ulcerative Colitis (UC).

The same Journal further explains the difference between UC and CD. “UC affects the colon and rectum, and causes inflammation and tissue damage to the mucosal and, to a lesser degree, the submucosal layers of the intestinal lining.” On the other hand, “CD can affect the entire intestinal tract, from the mouth to the anus, and ulceration is transmural (i.e. can affect all layers of the intestinal wall).”

Meanwhile, the 3-in-1 Digestive Formula is available online through an Amazon webpage, and anybody can purchase it for an affordable price, without the need of a physician’s prescription.

19th of November

New Study: Enough Sleep Helps Address Ulcerative Colitis

A new study has determined that enough sleep could help alleviate the impact of Ulcerative Colitis. Purely Scientific upholds this research finding.

Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseIn one recent study posted in the official website of Medical Daily, it is emphasized that those people who are affected by a gastrointestinal problem, known as Ulcerative Colitis, should ensure they get enough sleep, particularly at night, as it helps them address this health issue.

“How much sleep you get each night could affect your risk for ulcerative colitis, one of two inflammatory bowel diseases, a new study finds,” says Medical Daily.

Asked why it is so, the same study result published in the same website has this further explanation: “Sleep quality and duration are key predictors of overall health, and for good reason. Roughly 70 percent of the cells that make up the body’s immune system live on the walls of your gut. When one suffers, the other tends to follow.”

This finding of a particular scientific research is quite beneficial, according to Purely Scientific Company, for people to be inspired to develop a healthy daily routine. Sleep is part of everyone’s daily routine. Therefore, addressing any sleep abnormality can indeed directly help the body’s overall health and immune function.

“Coupling it with our ‘3-in-1 Digestive Formula’ that contains probiotics and digestive enzymes could be even more beneficial for those struggling with Ulcerative Colitis. The medical-grade components of our formula are proven to improve the overall health of the gut and digestive tract,” says Donald B. Opp, Spokesperson of Purely Scientific.

With an estimation of 1.4 million Americans, according to Medical Daily, who are suffering from Ulcerative Colitis, this research finding is timely, an awareness campaign that should be shared.

The 3-in-1 Digestive Formula of Purely Scientific is available in Amazon through a product webpage, and has an affordable price for the potential consumers.

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20th of October

1-2 Million Americans Suffer From Inflammatory Bowel Diseases According To Latest Survey

According to an just-released survey, it is estimated that up to 1-2 million Americans are affected by Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, from which Purely Scientific suggests the application of its 3-in-1 Digestive Formula to help the affected people remedy the symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease.

IBD SupplementIn a recent interview by News Medical with Dr. Stephen Hanauer, Medical Director, Digestive Health Center, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, it was revealed that from 1 up to 2 million Americans are currently suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Diseases such as Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and Crohn’s Disease (CD).

News Medical staff asked, “How many people are affected by Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and what proportions are affected by UC and CD respectively?”

Dr. Stephen Hanauer apparently answered, “It has been estimated that 1?2 million Americans are affected with nearly the same numbers of patients with UC and CD.

Meanwhile, according to Purely Scientific Company, this figure is something that should be heeded. Otherwise, this figure will continue to increase. “This is the reason why we have made our premium formula known as ‘3-in-1 Digestive Formula’ available in Amazon,” says Donald B. Opp, Spokesperson of the Company.

News Medical asked Dr. Hanauer about the nature of Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease. The doctor explained, “Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease are idiopathic (we don’t know the cause) inflammatory diseases (IBD) of the colon and/or small bowel. They are chronic in that we do not have a medical cure and are differentiated from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) by inflammation that causes ulcerations of the GI tract.”

This explanation is of utmost significance to people, so many can understand the significance of these health issues. Though it is said that there is no definite cure for these diseases, science shows that the application of quality dietary supplements, like the 3-in-1 Digestive Formula that contains digestive enzymes and probiotics, is recommended to help people address, and possibly even prevent, the visible symptoms.

The mentioned formula is available in Amazon through an Amazon webpage, and has an affordable price for the potential consumers.

9th of October

Stress Linked To Ulcerative Colitis, Says Study

Stress, according to one research finding, is linked to Ulcerative Colitis. Purely Scientific then suggests that its 3-in-1 Digestive Formula plays an important role to mitigate the impact of this health issue.


Treat-Ulcerative-ColitisIn an article written by Charlotte Libov that was posted recently in the official website of Web MD, the link between stress and Ulcerative Colitis is explained. She cites the case of Amanda Sina Griffith, aged 31, a public relations consultant and mother of a 7-month-old. “(She) still finds that when she’s under stress her symptoms flare up,” says Libov.

“My system is very sensitive. If I’m under stress, I feel tired, run-down, and crampy in the belly,” says Griffith

According to Purely Scientific, the Company behind the “3-in-1 Digestive Formula” that contains probiotics and digestive enzymes, this linkage between stress and Ulcerative Colitis is important. “Knowing this fact is ultimately important, in as far as coping mechanisms and effective measures are concerned,” says Donald B. Opp, Spokesperson of the Company.

On the one hand, the avoidance of stress should be given priority with respect to this health issue. The testimonial of Griffith is helpful, as she would feel her stomach issue rising up when she is under stress.

Gerard E. Mullin, MD, director of integrative GI nutrition services at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, has an explanation relevant to this issue. “While stress doesn’t cause Ulcerative Colitis, research shows it can increase the risk of flare-ups,” says Mullin.

Meanwhile, the Web MD article written by Libov further states that, “Ulcerative Colitis is a disease that affects the large intestine (also known as the colon) and the rectum. Although the causes of (it) are unknown, some researchers believe that an autoimmune process may be a factor in the disease.”

Mullin provides another statement about the significance of dealing with stress. “While dealing with stress is not a substitute for medication (for Ulcerative Colitis), doing so can help ease the emotional anxiety that often comes with the disease,” he claims.

Since stress is so often a part of life, finding a way to improve the inevitable symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis is another avenue that can prove beneficial. Purely Scientific has received rave reviews from doctors and patients alike, regarding how the medical-grade digestive enzymes and probiotics have helped reduce the symptoms associated with Ulcerative Colitis.

The 3-in-1 Digestive Formula of Purely Scientific is available in Amazon through a product webpage, and has an affordable price for the potential consumers.

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6th of June

New Drug for Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s – Eliciting Hope and Despair

With recent FDA approval of Takeda Pharmaceutical’s drug, vedoluzimab, to treat Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease, many doctors and patients are filled with hope. However, with a significant side effect profile, equal numbers are extremely cautious.


Treat-Ulcerative-ColitisLess than two weeks ago, the FDA approved the newest drug to help those suffering from Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease.   Just days ago, the typically more conservative European Commission also approved the drug.

As one would expect, shares of Japan-based Takeda Pharmaceutical have risen sharply.

Amidst all of the hope and excitement, however, it is important to objectively assess this evolution.

Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease are two extremely challenging medical conditions, as those with any inflammatory bowel disease can attest. From simple annoyance, to pain, to extreme discomfort, to acute attacks requiring hospitalization, to even an increased risk of cancer, these conditions demand serious attention.

Although more than 4 million people are affected worldwide, there still exists no definitive cure.

Medical doctors have few solutions to offer patients. Typically the treatment is to provide high dose potent medications to calm down acute flare-ups. For many patients, no maintenance medication is sufficient.

Certainly, dietary discretion can be quite powerful to help control the frequency and intensity of acute exacerbations. This requires extreme discipline, which many people realistically cannot do, often due to circumstances not fully within their control.

While some people with Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s Disease can receive benefit from careful dietary intake, others have a condition more severe that a form of additional assistance is necessary. As noted, the current medications on the market (prior to this recent release), have left many people disappointed.

Therefore, it is understandable that significant hope and excitement surrounds this new medication release to the public.

However, it is important to review the available information regarding the Clinical Trial Program that was conducted as part of the FDA approval process.

According to data, readily available on the Takeda Pharmaceutical website, 52% of the patients in the study using the drug reported adverse reactions. It was also noted that only 37% of the patients in the study who were given placebo reported any adverse reactions. This is rather remarkable, and worthy for one to explore further.

Just like many medications are mandated to report, the “adverse reactions” contain a laundry list of potential side effects (including nasopharyngitis, headache, arthralgia, nausea, pyrexia, upper respiratory tract infection, fatigue, cough, bronchitis, influenza, back pain, rash, pruritis, sinusitis, oropharyngeal pain, and pain in extremities).

This, by itself, is not something to necessarily make someone run. However, the fact that these symptoms occurred so frequently (more than in placebo) is what is quite concerning to many.

Many people prefer to avoid the pharmacologic treatment for their colitis, if at all possible.

Seeking a natural cure for Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s disease, or even helpful therapy rather than a cure, innovative scientists and doctors have aggressively studied the benefit of digestive enzymes and probiotics. While many clinical studies are already underway, there already exists significant evidence that medical-grade digestive enzymes, coupled with high quality probiotics, can help significantly.

One company dedicated to this pursuit, Purely Scientific, has had significant success with its signature product “3-in-1 Digestive Formula”. Formulated exclusively for doctors, patients across the country with Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease have exhibited remarkable improvement.

Purely Scientific Spokesperson, Donald B. Opp, shares, “The demand of colitis on the body is extreme. That is why a potent, carefully-designed supplement is so critical. Our product provides three equally important components: 1) a comprehensive digestive enzyme component, 2) a patented enzyme complex which targets gluten and lactose (which are key offenders in colitis, often), and 3) high quality probiotics. We believe these three components, in just the right quantity, are responsible for the remarkable successes our doctors have been experiencing.”

Once available only to doctors, Purely Scientific’s “3-in-1 Digestive Formula” was recently released to the general public. It is currently available on Amazon.

As the medical landscape continues to evolve, more will become known about both the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical options to effectively treat Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease.

Until then, each individual person and doctor needs to, ideally as a team, make the challenging decisions regarding which treatment options to utilize.

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30th of May

Probiotics To Support Ulcerative Colitis, Says Scientific Study

Best Supplement For Ulcerative Colitis

Purely Scientific had called a press conference yesterday at Fountain Hills, Arizona, to discuss the beneficial impact of probiotics towards people affected by Ulcerative Colitis (UC), a serious digestive disorder.

“It has been found out that 1 out of every 5 UC-affected individuals has relatives with the same illness. This finding strengthens the idea that genetic make-up could be one of the causes of UC,” said Donald B. Opp, Purely Spokesperson for “3-in-1 Digestive Formula” that contains digestive enzymes, probiotics, and the enzyme complex DPP-IV.

According to one article of the webisite ‘Patient.co.uk’, “Probiotics are nutritional supplements that contain ‘good’ germs (bacteria). That is, bacteria that normally live in the gut and do no harm.”

It was stated further in this article that, “Taking [probiotics-based products] may increase the ‘good’ bacteria in the gut, which may help to ward off ‘bad’ bacteria that may trigger a flare-up of symptoms.”

When asked about scientific proof of the efficacy of these useful microorganisms to treat Ulcerative Colitis, Purely Scientific did answer based on the scientific finding published in Patient.co.uk.

“There is little scientific proof that probiotics work to prevent flare-ups. However, a probiotic strain (Escherichia coli Nissle 1917) and the probiotic preparation VSL3 have shown promise.  Certainly, Ulcerative Colitis is a challenging condition, with no known cure.  However, our clinical studies support the hypothesis that probiotics can indeed help.”

This is a substantial explanation to clarify the role of the beneficial microbes and microorganisms towards human health. Ulcerative Colitis and other digestive disorders should be addressed well. Otherwise, this serious disease can take a significant toll on the lives of those afflicted.

To further explain, there have been an increasing number of patients recorded in the US for this particular digestive illness. “Over 1 million Americans have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s Disease,” said ClinicalAdvisor.com.

“With this alarming figure, people should now consider taking our Ulcerative Colitis supplement,” explained Donald D. Opp.

Purely Scientific “3-in-1 Digestive Formula” is currently available on Amazon, with free shipping for any purchase.