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10th of September

Digestive Enzymes Offer Hope For IBS

Purely Scientific 3-in-1 Digestive Formula, a medical-grade digestive enzyme formula previously available only to doctors, is now publicly available and proven to help Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

IBSIrritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a challenging digestive disorder that affects millions of people around the globe.   Since the digestive tract of someone with IBS functions sup-optimally, abdominal pain and discomfort are commonly present.  In fact, the official medical diagnosis is typically made by the presence of symptoms 3 or more times a month, for 3 months in a row.   Sadly, most people with IBS are all too familiar with these symptoms and are eager for help.

IBS is a condition that doctors are continually challenged by.  Unlike other diseases where a clear cure is identified, that is not the case with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  Surely, doctors often prescribe various medications to help relieve symptoms.  But, nothing is very effective. For many people the side effects of the medications may not be worth the potential gain.  A large percentage of people with this condition opt to not take any medication, unless pain is quite severe.

Despite the lack of solutions available from the medical establishment, there is strong scientific evidence that changes in one’s diet can make a profound impact on the disease.  Several books and resources abound that offer diet plans to help people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome to decrease and manage symptoms.

However, many people struggle with sticking to the recommended diets.  Even with the best intentions, few people manage to get the nutrition their body optimally needs.

Sometimes the dysfunctional digestive tract is the reason why nutrients are not absorbed effectively.  However, even in someone who does not have IBS, often the actual nutrient digestion and absorption from the food consumed is very low.

Why is this?    The answer is a deficiency in quality and quantity of digestive enzymes.

For years, science has produced very trustworthy and reproducible studies proving the critical value of digestive enzymes and the relation to optimal health.  In fact, the absolute value of enzymes continues to rise, as scientists continually discover more highly specialized functions that  only enzymes can accomplish.

Also, as society evolves, the need for digestive enzymes escalates.  With environmental changes, the highly processed food industry, and increasingly poor diets of the average American,  science has proven that it is virtually impossible to rely on enzymes within our food to provide the body what it needs to be healthy.

Many scientists and well-informed doctors are now recommending quality digestive enzyme supplements to ensure the body has sufficient quantity and quality of enzymes to remain (or become) healthy.  Certainly, in the scenario of IBS, where the digestive health is already compromised, the need for digestive enzyme supplements is even greater.

One company, Purely Scientific, has specifically responded to this need.    Their signature product, “3-in-1 Digestive Formula,” was created by doctors, with the sole intention of distributing only to doctors.  It was released to doctors only after several years of laboratory testing.

Donald B. Opp, Company Spokesperson, shares “IBS is one of the conditions that doctors across the country have seen remarkable improvements, once their patients had been taking our formula for a period of time.  We are quite encouraged by these results and are eager to share these same benefits with others.”

Due to the increasing demand of this product, Purely Scientific has made the proven formula now available directly to the public.   Easily accessible on Amazon, IBS sufferers can now access the same proven digestive enzyme supplements that others have found so beneficial.


3rd of July

Purely Scientific Confirms Diet Causes Decline Of Digestive Health

Diet may obstruct people from having a better digestive health, according to one study result. Hence, Purely Scientific suggests that people should take their 3-in-1 Digestive Formula in order for them to achieve proper gut health.

Digestive HealthIn one scientific article posted in the official website of Female First in the United Kingdom, it was emphasized that diet may cause decline of digestive health. “With this scientific development, it important to avoid fad dieting that may result to adverse impact on the gut health. This research study is a big help for many of us to understand how the wrong diets can endanger our physical health in general,” says Donald B. Opp, Spokesperson of Purely Scientific for “3-in-1 Digestive Formula” that contains probiotics and digestive enzymes.

The said research article was written by Taryn Davies and was posted 30 May 2014 in the site of Female First based in UK. “As the summer approaches many people are embarking upon weight loss diets, but they could in fact leave you feeling worse; as new research reveals the effect they have on our digestive health.”

The same site continued that: “(There was a) survey among 2,000 men and women (showing) that a significant number of us have tried lots of different diets with 80% of women admitting to trying some diet versus 56% of men. The Atkins diet and the Cabbage Soup diet are the most popular among a quarter and a fifth of us respectively.”

The clear result of this study was this: “Notably however is that almost half of us, 45%, complain that diets have caused digestive woes. This appears to be a particular issue for those aged 25-34 with 55% stating it has caused them digestive issues.”

The drive now, according to Purely Scientific, is for people to be mindful when deciding to go on a ‘diet.’ “The intention to lose weight is fantastic.  However, the steps taken to reach that goal can quite possibly negatively impact the function of your GI tract now and in the future,” explains Donald B. Opp.

Purely Scientific recommends including their premium formula “3-in-1 Digestive Formula”, which includes digestive enzymes and probiotics, as an integral component to any diet that is undertaken.  This way, the Spokesperson reiterated, the essential nutrition components can still be absorbed by the body, even if the food intake is low or suboptimal during the period of dieting.

The mentioned digestive formula is available in Amazon through a product webpage, and has and affordable price for the potential end-users.

30th of May

Probiotics To Support Ulcerative Colitis, Says Scientific Study

Best Supplement For Ulcerative Colitis

Purely Scientific had called a press conference yesterday at Fountain Hills, Arizona, to discuss the beneficial impact of probiotics towards people affected by Ulcerative Colitis (UC), a serious digestive disorder.

“It has been found out that 1 out of every 5 UC-affected individuals has relatives with the same illness. This finding strengthens the idea that genetic make-up could be one of the causes of UC,” said Donald B. Opp, Purely Spokesperson for “3-in-1 Digestive Formula” that contains digestive enzymes, probiotics, and the enzyme complex DPP-IV.

According to one article of the webisite ‘Patient.co.uk’, “Probiotics are nutritional supplements that contain ‘good’ germs (bacteria). That is, bacteria that normally live in the gut and do no harm.”

It was stated further in this article that, “Taking [probiotics-based products] may increase the ‘good’ bacteria in the gut, which may help to ward off ‘bad’ bacteria that may trigger a flare-up of symptoms.”

When asked about scientific proof of the efficacy of these useful microorganisms to treat Ulcerative Colitis, Purely Scientific did answer based on the scientific finding published in Patient.co.uk.

“There is little scientific proof that probiotics work to prevent flare-ups. However, a probiotic strain (Escherichia coli Nissle 1917) and the probiotic preparation VSL3 have shown promise.  Certainly, Ulcerative Colitis is a challenging condition, with no known cure.  However, our clinical studies support the hypothesis that probiotics can indeed help.”

This is a substantial explanation to clarify the role of the beneficial microbes and microorganisms towards human health. Ulcerative Colitis and other digestive disorders should be addressed well. Otherwise, this serious disease can take a significant toll on the lives of those afflicted.

To further explain, there have been an increasing number of patients recorded in the US for this particular digestive illness. “Over 1 million Americans have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s Disease,” said ClinicalAdvisor.com.

“With this alarming figure, people should now consider taking our Ulcerative Colitis supplement,” explained Donald D. Opp.

Purely Scientific “3-in-1 Digestive Formula” is currently available on Amazon, with free shipping for any purchase.


13th of May

Can Digestive Enzymes Really Deliver You *Amazing* Health?

Well, the science certainly supports that Digestive Enzymes can provide an exception benefit to your health.

At Purely Scientific, we know this.  We also know that by combining medical-grade Digestive Enzymes with quality Probiotics — The result is even better!

Here’s a quick video for you to enjoy, that explains all of the benefits you can look forward to.


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