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A New Breakthrough In Autism?
26th of September

A New Breakthrough In Autism?

Patented digestive enzyme supplements are being well received across the Autism community in the US as parents look for natural and effective remedies to improve their child’s behavior

Helps Autism

The latest developments in potential frontiers in Autism research have been brought to the forefront in a new product available exclusively through Purely Scientific.  The product called ‘3-in-1 Digestive Formula’  is a specialized supplement that includes a combination of three valuable segments:  1) a comprehensive essential digestive enzyme formula, 2) a patented complex targeting gluten and dairy intolerance, 3) a generous supply of healthy probiotics.

This product has been sold only to doctors for years.  Doctors have achieved positive feedback and responses from their adult patients with all sorts of digestive issues, ranging from ulcerative colitis, Crohns, IBS, lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, as well as many other nonspecific digestive complaints.

However, while the success in the adult digestive community was rewarding, it is the resounding success in the pediatric Autism community  that has been most exciting.

The scientists who formulated this unique product understood very well the exact digestive challenges that Autistic children face.  What they knew better than the general public, however, is that the faulty digestion pathway that exists is perhaps the strongest determinant of whether a child will improve or worsen behavior.

The scientists understood that it was precisely the breakdown of gluten and casein (in dairy) that is faulty in Autistic children.  When the breakdown of these proteins does not occur, it creates a cascade of events that leads directly to interfering with cognitive and emotional behavior.

So, the scientific team identified the top-performing digestive enzyme complex to optimize the breakdown of gluten and casein.  The complex, known as DDP-IV, is the key ingredient of this new product.  Scientists also recognized that other DDP-IV complexes are available, but since the patented version of this complex has produced overwhelmingly superior clinical results when compared to the generic DDP-IV, only the patented version is recommended.

The company Purely Scientific has secured the rights to distribute this product for the first time to the general public.  Previously available only to physicians, the remarkable success in Autistic children across the country has expedited this process and the product is now available for sale on Amazon.

Purely Scientific spokesperson shares, “We are so excited to deliver hope and bring this proven digestive enzyme supplement to the Autistic community nationwide.”

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20th of September

Attention Parents With Autistic Children: Scientific Studies Reveal An Exciting Digestive Enzyme Ingredient Clinically Proven To Help Your Children

A newly-released product, Purely Scientific 3-in-1 Digestive Formula, offers hope to many doctors and parents across the country.

As we know from frequent news and media broadcasts, Autism is become more commonplace than ever before. Just about everyone knows someone who has an Autistic child. While there exists no cure, and medicines are of little value, there is hope sparking from an unusual source.

The scientific and clinical laboratories have discovered a unique digestive compound which consistently produces improvements in Autistic behavior. Scientists have been evaluating it closely and doctors have been offering it to their patients. Everyone involved, especially the parents, are delighted with the results.

The compound is called DDP-IV. It is a proteolytic (protein-digesting) enzyme that helps break down gluten and casein (the protein associated with dairy). Scientists have discovered that in Autistic children the gluten and casein can sometimes mistakenly be viewed as an “offender” to the body, so the body creates an autoimmune response. This starts a cascade of events which result in interference with normal cognitive ability.

Certainly, parents are advised to help their Autistic child avoid, or minimize, gluten and casein exposure. However, in today’s fast-paced and overly processed society, that can be extremely difficult. That is why this special enzyme, DDP-IV, has become so critical as a supplement to help control, or minimize, the cognitive impact of Autism.

Many studies have been conducted on the efficacy of DDP-IV. It has become exceedingly clear that one unique patented formula consistently produces superior results over all other non-patented versions of this enzyme complex.

This unique patented DDP-IV complex, which was previously sold in a unique digestive enzyme formula only to doctors, is now available to the public.

Purely Scientific’s spokesperson shares, “We are so happy to announce we have secured the rights to make this powerful supplement available for sale to the general public through Amazon. Now people across the country can benefit just as the doctors and patients have in the past.”

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22nd of August

Autism Alert: Purely Scientific Introduces A New Digestive Supplement Containing Ingredients Clinically Proven To Improve Behavioral Symptoms In Children With Autism

Autism, and the associated behavioral conditions known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), now shockingly affects one in every 88 children.

Autism currently has no cure. The cause of Autism also is not fully understood.

However, science is continually discovering what exactly impacts the disorder. Most importantly, science is exploring what can be done to slow down or even reverse the condition.

One significant “ray of hope” lies with the discovery of one particular protein-digesting enzyme called ‘dipeptidyl dipeptidase IV’ (commonly referred to as DPP-IV). Significant autism research has confirmed that DDP-IV indeed can play a critical role in minimizing autistic behaviors.

Simply stated, the DDP-IV is involved in the digestion of certain proteins that can be seen as “offenders” by the autistic child’s body. If the offending proteins don’t get digested properly, the child’s body creates an autoimmune response which impacts the brain and causes autistic behaviors.

Scientific research is consistently proving that autistic children have a natural deficiency of this critical enzyme, DDP-IV. This creates a severe disadvantage, with a high likelihood of symptoms arising unless the enzyme deficiency is addressed.

By adding a supplement that includes clinically tested and pure DDP-IV the autistic child’s digestion is able to function more optimally. Clinical studies have proven that autistic behaviors decrease when quality DDP-IV is consistently provided.

Purely Scientific has not only researched this data extensively, but has secured the highest quality, patented form of DDP-IV available. This formulation is proudly now available in an easy-to-swallow capsule for children with Autism.

A spokesperson from Purely Scientific shares, “While the patented ingredients we offer are indeed the gold-standard for natural Autism behavior improvement, we do need to reiterate that this supplement is not a pharmaceutical. As a supplement, it is not FDA regulated so we cannot guarantee any results. However, the results from doctors and patients are extremely encouraging.

This unique digestive formula was previously available only to doctors. Based upon such increasing demand, Purely Scientific is now offering this exciting digestive formula to the public exclusively on Amazon. Parents can now receive the same quality product that has created such hope within the pediatrician and Autism communities.

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21st of August

Made in the U.S.A.: New Ultra-Premium Digestive Enzyme With Probiotics Supplement by Purely Scientific Offers Money Back Guarantee

Purely Scientific announces an exclusive money back guarantee with their new premium 3-in-1 Digestive Formula product.

Finding a company that will honorably stand behind their product(s) these days, especially in the supplement business, is a rarity. Digestive supplements are sold by the thousands every day.  Customers are getting confused and frustrated trying to make sense out of all the conflicting information.

Purely Scientific, a company founded by a Medical Doctor, is willing to put their money where their mouth is.  Unlike what many digestive supplements may claim, the Purely Scientific 3-in-1 Digestive Formula is truly based on science and clinical studies.  That is precisely why they are so confident and can offer the guarantee.

Every bottle comes from a Good Manufacturing Practice certified facility located in the U.S.A.  Each veggie capsule contains 17 gold-standard ingredients specially formulated for tackling the most challenging digestive challenges.  The product is triple-tested during the manufacturing process to ensure the end-result meets their exacting standards.

Until just recently, this proven formula was only available to doctors, who would in turn sell to their patients.  Patients got tremendous results, but word quickly spread and the demand started rising. Based on this increasing demand, negotiation was made to release this product to the general public through the Amazon portal.

Just released in August 2013, Purely Scientific offers this premium 3-in-1 Digestive Formula for sale only on Amazon.  This doctor-designed product effectively offers comprehensive enzyme essentials, support for gluten/lactose intolerance, and probiotics.

A Purely Scientific spokesperson shared, “We found that doctors realized their patients wanted something convenient.  Taking two or three supplements for their digestion was cumbersome, and many were not compliant.  By designing a supplement that effectively combines three powerful benefits in one supplement, we discovered a truly winning formula that patients easily comply with.”

Meticulously tested and guaranteed to be the highest quality, Purely Scientific offers this solution to men, women, and children who seek to improve their digestion.

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20th of August

Purely Scientific Publicly Releases The Only MD-Approved Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics And Gluten/Lactose Aid All-In-One Solution

What once was available only for sale through doctors office, this powerful digestive supplement is now available to the public.

Purely Scientific stunned the competition by releasing an all new Digestive Enzyme Solution formulation intended to stand-out in the crowd of other ‘similar’ products.

There is a plethora of digestive enzymes products on the market, but this premiere product is the only one which effectively targets three highly desired benefits in an all-in-one solution.  While individual products exist which target one, or maybe two of these goals, an all-in-one easy-to-consume capsule that targets all three has never been done before.

Purely Scientific gave their scientists a challenge:  Create an all-in-one solution that effectively targets the top three most commonly desired digestive benefits people face:  1) a powerful digestive enzyme essentials formulation to optimize overall digestion, 2) support for the common gluten and lactose intolerance issues, and 3) a generous supply of the best probiotics to turbo-charge the other two results.

Designed originally to be sold only to doctors, Purely Scientific sent their researchers went to work formulating this product using only the purest, highest quality ingredients.  Based upon the company’s philosophy of basing all formulations only on scientific findings and clinical studies, with no fillers whatsoever, the formulation went through rigorous testing.

Only gold-standard, proven, patented ingredients were utilized, at clinically proven dosages.  The scientists succeeded with their challenge.

This formulation was previously only sold to patients through doctor’s offices. Doctors across the country were delighted with the patient health outcomes achieved from this digestive enzyme and probiotics supplement.

Patients showed remarkable improvement with such diverse diseases and conditions as:  IBS, Crohns, Ulcerative Colitis, Gluten Sensitivity, Lactose Sensitivity, as well as more generalized digestive conditions displaying symptoms of bloating, discomfort, and indigestion.

Purely Scientific’s spokesperson notes, “Of course, individuals and individual responses vary and any one person’s response cannot be guaranteed.  However, given the large clinical studies and success already achieved, someone experiencing digestive issues would be wise to give this premiere digestive enzyme solution a try.”

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20th of August

Purely Scientific Removes Doctor Exclusivity And Announces Popular Digestive Formula Now Available On Amazon

The successful public release of Purely Scientific’s 3-in-1 Digestive Formula ushers in a new era of synergistic multi-ingredient digestive enzyme formulations.

Breaking new ground, Purely Scientific leads the pack by providing a one-of-a-kind “optimum targeted ingredient” digestive enzyme solution. The successful release of 3-in-1 Digestive Formula elevates this unique product above everything else in the digestive health market.

No other formulation has such an elaborate selection of clinically proven digestive enzyme ingredients. Targeting three of the biggest problem areas in digestion, 3-in-1 Digestive Formula has become the digestive aid that others will strive to model.

The list of active ingredients in Purely Scientific 3-in-1 Digestive Formula appears to set the gold standard of digestive enzyme and probiotic ingredients. There are 17 Clinically Proven active ingredients in this breakthrough digestive enzyme supplement.

This formulation is scientifically designed to target the three key areas of digestion most people struggle with. First, the core enzyme essential component provides outstanding overall digestion support, comparable to what other products provide as their sole offering. Secondly, the patented ingredients which target Gluten and Lactose Intolerance demonstrate unparalleled success in clinical studies. Lastly, a generous supply of the most effective probiotics acts to exponentially increase the overall effectiveness.

For years, doctors have given their patients this formulation with remarkable success. Patients with all sorts of diseases and conditions have benefited, including IBS, Crohns, Ulcerative Colitis, food allergies, Gluten and Lactose Intolerance, and a host of unspecific digestive conditions.

Purely Scientific boldly removed the doctor exclusivity and is now offering this powerful, unique formulation directly to the public. Never before has there been such a comprehensive assembly of proven digestive health ingredients in one digestive supplement.

A spokesperson from the company notes, “The user benefits not only from the actual ingredients, but also by the ‘Total Synergistic Effect’ of the formula.”

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